Anniversary Day Date

This weekend I was blessed to celebrate not only Mother's Day with my beautiful children, but also my 13-year wedding anniversary with my handsome hubby.  Since both were on Sunday, May 10th, we decided to get a babysitter for Saturday and go into town for a little day date to celebrate our anniversary a day earlier.  

We had a great time hanging out together and reminiscing about the past 13 years of our marriage.  It's hard to believe how fast it has flown by.  We so enjoyed walking through the downtown area of Fredericksburg and looking at all the different shops and galleries. Since moving here almost 2-months ago, everything has been so hectic, this was really our first time to be able to do this. 

Boy, let me tell ya, there are some fabulous shops here.  There was so much "eye candy" in all the shops, I could have spent hours in a few of them. I love to glean decorating ideas from home decor stores, and they have some wonderful ones here.  These pics are just a small snippet of all the great stuff one can find in downtown Fredericksburg.

For our lunch date, we had been told by some friends of ours to try out Vaudeville and boy hidey, what a great dining experience it was.  It's definitely our new favorite restaurant here in town. The food was amazing and the atmosphere is really cool and swank.  We absolutely loved it!  I highly recommend it if you are ever in town visiting.  We look forward to going back again soon on another dinner date.  

After knocking around all the shops and our lunch, it was time to head back to the casa and relieve our babysitter.  :-)  I figured after 4 hours she was probably worn slap out with our 3 kiddos.  And so we hopped in the hubby's truck and headed home.  I was sad that our date had to end so soon, but my heart was so happy that we had this time together.  I always cherish our dates and getting some alone time without the kids just to catch up and reconnect. 

I am one lucky lady to be married to my sweet hubby...he is my rock, my best friend and the love of my life!  I am so grateful for the amazing husband, father and spiritual leader he is in our home and for always thinking of us and showing his love for us in the most thoughtful ways.  It's difficult to fully express in words how much love and respect I have for him....having known each other since we were little kids, I know how hard he has worked and the many personal sacrifices he made to get where he is today.  I look forward to spending many, many more years together here on this earth with him and hopefully getting to go on lots more adventures together.